NEW Training Cycle Starts Today

I love the first day of a NEW training cycle, there’s so much excitement in the air of what can be accomplished over the next 6 weeks and today I had the pleasure of taking the 6 and 930 am classes through week 1 day 1 and giving them my expectations of what they should accomplish on Mondays going forward.

I love coaching classes, I love to see how you’re moving, make small tweaks on how you can move better and drill in the basics of amazing lifting technique. Im excited to see how you all progress over the next 6 weeks.

We had 4 new members in 930 and it was so awesome to meet Marianne, Bryant, Alex and Patrick. All 4 of you killed your first class and I was impressed, there’s not much that impresses me in the gym anymore LOL but you 4 were great movers and listeners.

This cycle coming up the focus is on range control and stability in end ranges. so you will see lots of tempo and pauses and controlled positions for holds. This builds such and incredible foundation strength and joint integrity as well as forces stability in end ranges of motion. LOVE IT!

Mondays are tempo pause Back Squat, Handstand and Hanging holds! I gave everyone in the 6 and 930 am an accountability partner and they counted each others 3 second descent and 3 second pause, its not that I didn’t trust you to do it yourself BUT I didn’t trust you to do it yourself hahaaha if you saw my Instagram post last week about Coaches Pet Peeves you know! Your accountability partner will hold you accountable for 3 things 1. your tempo and pause times 2. That you record the weight you use. 3. You show up every week.

Tuesdays are Push Press with a 3 second pause and hold overhead on each rep, ring rows with pause and arch holds

Wednesdays are Snatch Grip Deadlifts with a 5 second eccentric descent

Thursdays are Aerobic Capacity

Friday are Power Snatch and Overhead Squat with a Pause at the bottom, Hollow hold with pulldown and Kipping technique on the bar

There are so many awesome things to learn and improve on over the next 6 weeks, making sure you A> Show up consistently, record your weights and times and progress on them each week will make or break your progress and what you get out of it.

Consistency and Linear Progression are the keys to your success, the program itself is flippin genius and world class 🙂 so all you have to do is show up with a good attitude and give it your all, the results will follow!

Have an awesome Monday

Coach Dan