CrossFit Quarter Finals

As we wrap up quarterfinals today Im so proud of everyone who made it. It take a lot of dedication, guts and hard work to do the Open, do it RX and then be in the top 25%. Then you have to dig deep for 4 harder more aggressive workouts over a 6 day period and put it all on the line again! To all you who do it, Im so proud! You have a years worth of bragging rights in the gym.

Today Im going to highlight some of the awesome performances that happened during the quarters this past weekend.

Daniella’s quarterfinal Workout 3 – The workout was…
3 rounds
20 Toes2Bar
2 rounds
10 Strict HSPU
5 Rope Climbs
1 Round
10 WallFacing HSPU
20 Muscle Ups
15 min Cap

4 weeks ago Daniella was struggling with her Ring muscle ups and 2 months ago her rope climbs looked like the longest ascent into heaven ever with “I can’t watch descent of death” hahaha

She came to me concerned, I had a plan, we worked on her Rope climb and Ring Muscle up technique every week from then tell now. It paid of BING TIME

A lot of people couldn’t even make it to the Ring Muscle Ups in time. Daniella flew threw the HSPU variations and the rope climbs with ease! Getting to Ring Muscle ups with lots of time to get one in every 20 seconds tell the cap finishing with 7! Truly amazing!

Jacob’s Quarterfinal Workout 2 – The workout was…
3 rounds
50 Wallballs 20 pounds
50 Burpee Facing Box Jump Overs 24″
20 min CAP

This was by far the nastiest workout from a conditioning stand point in all of quarterfinals and Jacob showed his world class conditioning (something I’ve pushed him on for the last 15 years) by finishing in 17:44. He followed the game plan and not only did he pace it perfectly he had some gas to finish strong!
Jacob’s time was better than at least 5 Games athletes scores Ive seen. He was 234th in the WORLD on that workout.

Coach Ty’s Workout 2 – We know what it is
After doing it on Friday and missing finishing by 6 reps, it takes some big cahunnas to wake up the next morning and re-do that workout again and do it beside Jacob who you know is going to destroy it.

It true Coach Ty fashion he didn’t only repeat but did so much better completing the workout in just over 19 minutes and crushing his previous days effort. That takes both physical and mental fortitude!

Nick K Workout 1-4 – In 12 hours?
Nick was on his way to Disney Friday morning and did all 4 workouts in a 12 hour period between 4 pm on Wednesday and 8 am Thursday, its slightly psychotic and all types of crazy… respect
Enjoy Mickey Mouse dude.

Whats next at Radix? MURPH!
Get ready for some running and weighted vest fun!

MURPH – Are you ready to give your first Hero Workout a try? Are you ready to PR last year or go RX with a vest? Sat May 25th 7-11am

I’ve had a lot people reach out to me about doing personal extra programming to get ready for Murph! If you’re looking for something similar and want to do your absolute best reach out to me and I can get you setup on extra programming.

Coach Dan