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This week on everything NOT Fitness Im going to give you my 3 favourite books and why.

I used to read ALOT! When my life was all consumed around fighting and becoming the best I could be, on my off time all I did was read. Nowadays I don’t have the time, although I listen to a lot of podcasts there’s nothing like getting lost in a book, there’s only one book I read everyday no matter what, besides that not as much these days.

1. Bible- I read this book everyday and for me it’s a lifeline of hope for this crazy world we live in, its keeps my perspective in check and my natural instinct of negative thought to be turned into a sense of peace and joy that Ive never found in anything else, including things like smoking a lot of weed in my teens to racing 800 horsepower Mustangs at the drag strip to fighting in a Ring with the sport I love the most. This book changed my life.

2. The Last Kingdom Series by Bernard Cornwell- Before Uthred of Bebbanburg became popularized as a TV Show and then movie on Netflix, it was a book series written by Bernard Cornwell in which I read every single book since they came out over a decade ago. Cornwell’s ability to develop characters and plots and continue to make it interesting based off of historical events is unparalleled in the historical fiction landscape. I fricken LOVED every single book. If I wasn’t a Christian I would’ve believed I was meant to be born in this time period with an axe in my hand.

3. The Art of War by Sun Tzu- My Obsession with fighting went beyond just the physical attributes in the ring, I read military books to understand tactics, strategy and how your enemy might think about you. My first Muay Thai Coach Joey De Los Reyes had me read the Art of War and I loved it. The ARt of War is is an ancient Chinese military book dating from the late Spring and Autumn Period around 5th century BC. 

Week 4 of the gain train and we’re moving on up!
Post 12 Hour ride 195 pounds
Week1- 197 pounds
Week2- 195.5 pounds
Week3- 197 pounds
Week4- 199 pounds! Lets gooooo

Goal- 205 pounds of beefy muscle 😉