Everything You Need to Know about Sleep 

JM Puts his Opponents to sleep  😴 

High-quality sleep with enough cycles of REM and deep sleep helps our brains with memories, enhances cognitive function, boosts our immune system and hormone production, and supports your mental health and well-being.Sleep is not just lights out between days in our lives. Its a vital process our bodies go through each night repair and build is into stronger more capable human beings. It’s also your biggest, best and cheapest performance hack. Given to us from God to perform each day at our best.

Good quality sleep is about more than just a consistent sleep schedule or a good bedtime routine and sleep environment. It extends to our behaviors, like exposure to natural light in the early morning or harmful exposure to blue light at night, as well as our daily routine and habits, all of which can influence our sleep health.Let’s start with sleep hygiene, the top things you should be thinking about are being consistent with sleep schedule, both when you go to bed and when you wake up. This allows your body to have a circadian rhythm that boosts growth hormone and testosterone production. Getting a minimum of 7 hours up to 9 a night.

Limiting exposure to blue light at night and making sure your room is dark and cool will help you get into a more natural state of sleep.There are a couple things you can do throughout the day that have a direct impact on how you sleep at night. First thing DO NOT drink caffeine as soon as you wake, wait 90 mins after you wake to get your coffee in and then don’t drink caffeine after noon to maximize on the effects of caffeine in your system while not interrupting sleep patterns.

Next get morning sunlight in your face as soon as that sun is coming up 10-15 mins when its actually sunny and 20-30 when its cloudy. This will set your circadian rhythm for the day.The next thing you can do throughout the day is make sure your stress levels are in check through breathing exercises like box breathing and NSDR, check them out HERE

The more relaxed you are, the more easily you can sleep.Reading high stress work emails, watching murder docu-series on Netflix before bed highly not recommended.Rach was telling me the other night about twins who got out of their beds at a night and went to sleep in their toy chest, the toy chest closed on them while they slept and they suffocated and died in their sleep. This was right before I was supposed to sleep and right after my little twins were put down. I laid there with tears in my eyes thinking about what was really important in life. Not the right time to hear that story but also a warning to parents about whats in you child’s room.

Sleep supplements- I take 3 supplements I believe help with a better night sleep, I only reccomend them cause I personally use them and feel the difference.
1. Magnesium glycinate or Theronate- are considered to be the most effective types of magnesium for bettering sleep, as it may help relax both the nervous system and your muscles. 
2. Inositol – In a study examining the effects of inositol on sleep, researchers found that participants who took an inositol supplement experienced improved sleep quality and reduced time to fall asleep. The mechanism behind inositol’s potential sleep-supportive properties might be linked to its role in neurotransmitter signalling.
3. Glycine- Research in people with sleep issues has shown that taking 3 grams of glycine before bed decreases how long it takes to fall asleep, enhances sleep quality, lessens daytime sleepiness and improves cognition.

I hope this shed some light on how you can improve your sleep quality and get the most out of your recovery and performance both physically and mentally.