Everything NOT Fitness

This week Im going to tell you about my food exploits after 4 months of hard training, strict nutrition and a 12 hour ride, I hit up a couple restaurants and donut shop as well as a date with Rach which we haven’t done in a long time. 

If you are currently on a 8 week challenge or cutting weight DO NOT READ this article!!

A lot of people think Im robot with food and I have no fun and only eat healthy, which A. is true most of the time and B. I actually enjoy my healthy meals cause they taste awesome! Shoutout Radix Nutrition Club. But I do enjoy a good restaurant, date night and donuts, I actually love Donuts.

Ok lets get to it.

For lunch on Friday Mr. Mirski and I had a bro date that was a long time coming and we ended up at Menya Kyu in Hamilton for Ramen and it did NOT disappoint, the broth was flavourful and spicy, the egg was cooked right and the chicken was super tender, the Fried Chicken was so good, everything fresh to order and the chef himself was visible and gave a goodbye on the way out, HIGHLY recommend 

For Lunch on Saturday I popped into a local Lebanese Cafe on Speers (can walk from the gym) called Bey Route to try a Kakke (Lebanese Street Food like a pita)

I had a Beef Brisket Kaake with Tahini, pickles, pickled onions and garlic sauce, duuuuuude. Coach Ty had one and concurs, so legit, the beef was just spicy enough with the tahini and garlic sauce hitting the creaminess and pickles the tang and crunch but I love all thing bread and the Kaake with sesame seeds on the outside is crispy and nutty on the outside and soft and doughy on the inside. Its run by a Lebanese Family who were delight to deal with and I Love supporting local business.

Saturday Night was Date Night and Rach deserved a night out without kids more than anyone. We headed back to Hamilton to a restaurant called The Brothers Grimm. With a Meat and Game Meat heavy menu and Columbian influence with lots of gluten free options it was perfect for Rach. We got to Hamilton early and took a walk, always an interesting place to do some people watching. We saw a lady pushing a stroller with this crackhead looking cat in it, scared the crap out of me.

Dinner was great, we had a game meat sausage board to start with different mustards The Venison was my fav and then Rach had a big old Steak and Frites, cooked rare with lots of butter and string style fries, it was tender and she was in love. I had the dish which is pictured above from the Columbian Chef and kitchen staff, Chichurron and Arepa. Which is deep fried pork belly and cornmeal bread with a crema.
Soooo F’ing good dude, like hit all the senses, crispy, fatty goodness. I would eat it again and again. We had an amazing night.
The Brothers GRIMM

Ok Ok if you’re not drooling already last nut not least I stopped in at Maverick Donuts on Lakeshore which had recently opened and tried 2 of their donuts. The Honey Cruller and The Caramel Apple Fritter. Both had a nice bit of crunch on the inside but soft on the inside, the fritter was my jam, that amount of chew and apple caramel ratio to the right amount of dusted sugar, not overly sweet and a good size, it was airy and I didn’t feel gross. If you’re in the mood take a walk along lakeshore downtown Oakville before and after cause you’re gonna need to burn these bad boys off.
Maverick Donuts

That was my weekend, I don’t feel bad or guilty I earned that ish, I also never ate until I felt gross or super full, just satisfied. I also didn’t gain much weight this week and thats my next priority so I’ll keep my weight scale gains public with you.

Post 12 Hour ride 195 pounds
Week1- 197 pounds

Goal- 205 pounds of beefy muscle 😉

Coach Dan