How do you stay healthy for a lifetime? The 3 C’s

As a gym business owner, a coach to many athletes, an expert in this field I spend a lot of time thinking about how I can make fitness and a healthy lifestyle a life long passion for the people I have the pleasure of working with on a daily and weekly basis.

I take pride in the fact that there’s a big group of you I’ve been working with for around a decade, 10 years that flew by way too fast! SO I thought about those people and what keeps them coming back to see my ugly mug week after week after week?

Here’s what the simplest way I think I can explain it and it comes down to the 3 C’s.

1. Community
When I first started I told everyone of my friends, both of my brothers friends and their families that I was training people out of my basement and later my garage. I took my experiences and I shared them with people, showed them how I got into the best shape I’ve ever been in and how I got abs to show for it and told them I could help them do it too. The thing is it wasn’t feasible for them all to train with me 3-4 x a week. So I improvised, before CrossFit was what it was or I even knew about it I created my own gym community at my house. I would do personal training with each person once a week and then they would get together and we would do group sessions 3-4 x a week. What I didn’t realize was me improvising and having everyone workout together was the beginning of what Radix is today, a community of people pushing each other to be better on a daily basis. Step 1 to having life long fitness is finding a community that you love to go to or someone who holds you responsible to show up 3-5x a week. It’s too easy to wake up and say no if no one is waiting for you on the other side.

2. Consistency
What I noticed with the group sessions is nobody wanted to get behind anyone else and they wanted to get better faster so they kept showing up. The community aspect had its own way of creating consistent people. I see it to this day. We are NOT a big box gym, signing you up and hoping you don’t show up. Hell ask Gareth, whenever he’s gone for 2 days I message him and ask him if everything is good. We don’t have long term contracts here. I want people to show up, I want to see your face. It saddens me when a class is small. Life long fitness must be consistent for it to work.

3. Change
With a Community that helps you show up consistently we see CHANGE and change is what keeps us motivated. Getting stronger, more lean, in better shape, being able to lift things up you never could, to have more energy and live life on a better level! The changes I’ve seen in my career are amazing, they drive me to be better, to live by example and show up every day!-Coach Dan