I love Member of the Month time, highlighting how awesome someone is really makes my day.

The Months Member of the Month has been training with us since she was 12 years old! Anna has changed and grown so much with us over the last 4 years and we are so proud to have her as a Radix Member and Member of the Month.

Coach Julie sat down and talked to Anna about her journey and here’s what she told her.
Anna started Crossfit because her dad and brothers were doing it and she wanted to get strong.
It improved her confidence and it’s different from what other kids her age were doing and she liked the challenge.
Dave (her Dad and another awesome Radix Member) says that she gets excited when her clothes get too tight because it means she gained muscles. GAINZZZZ

It makes Dave happy to hear that, which goes against trends of young girls wanting to be thin. She also likes to know the protein content of her meals. (Thats what Im talking about!)

From my perspective as a coach, I find it very inspiring to see somebody this young so consistent with her workouts. She has a great work ethic and she’s very dedicated to improving her skills and performance. Her wall balls are some of the most beautiful wall balls I’ve seen! – Coach Julie

Anna we have a special gift for you! Thank you for being #radixstrong

Coach Dan