Member Spotlights

Every year there are a couple people who sign into Wodify almost every single day for a full year and guess what? We see their hard work and all the time and effort they put into making themselves the best they can be here at Radix.

This year we had two people who signed in more than anyone else! Starting with the guys Eric Lavigne did 139 workouts at Radix last year! Pretty amazing on top of that he does extra programming from me 3x a week so those numbers go even higher. Amazing job Eric! The amoiunt of strength and muscle Eric has gained this year was outstanding! We have a custom RadixLife Hoody for you!

From the Ladies, Marta Zausz logged into Wodify 199 times in 2019!! I love it. Marta also does extra programming at least 3x a week and the improvement on her gymnastics is just amazing, I saw her ripping toes2bar last week and I remember not too long ago when she just wanted to get 2 in a row! Amazing job Marta!!
We have a Custom RadixLife Hoody for you!

Seeing our RadixFam grow and work hard makes me so happy! Keeping showing up and logging those workouts and you’ll see what I see over a year of hard work!

Coach Dan