More Energy = Happier You!

Ever catch yourself reliving your ‘Glory’ days? Or even worse telling your kids how you used to be super Jacked? or how strong you WERE? And them being like “OK Dad or OK Mom sure” 😉 WHY!!!? Why aren’t you living the best most energetic days of your life right now? The days where you’re raising your children and setting the example of what meaningful life is.

I CAN help you recapture those days and that energy and Body of Your Youth. I’ve done it with lots of middle age people who just let themselves go after the pressure and time of career, finances and family took the front seat to their health.

I used to not get it, Staying shape was easy, it was fun and it didn’t take the much effort or discipline on my part. I’d look at old dudes who were tired, overweight, suffering from Adrenal fatigue and “used to be fit” and laugh thinking that would never be me. Now being 32 with a full time business that I can spend up to 15 hours at a day with my beautiful wife and a child on the way, my perspective has changed. I understand what they feel and can see how they ended up where they are. My Family and providing for them will always come first and sometimes for people that comes at expense of their health. I RESPECT that but I don’t think it’s necessary, so I have 3 CHANGES you can make right now that will have your ENERGY levels turn right around. 

Step 1: CHANGE the way you DRINK – I had one 50 year old client who just eliminated Coke and alcohol from his diet and lost 40 pounds!!! Drink water, water and more water. Stay away from highly sugared and alcoholic drinks. Cut them all out for 30 days, this includes all pop, juices, milk and adding milk or sugar to your tea or coffee. Watch what happens.

Step 2: CHANGE the way you EAT – This is the biggest and hardest thing for anyone to do, but it’s not about not eating what you love, it’s about choosing the right time to eat the right thing. YES you could cut carbs out your diet completely but I know you’ll be calling me a liar about having MORE ENERGY. What you want to do is start your day with a good meal of protein, complex carbs and healthy fat. From there every meal you have should have less and less carbs. As you wind out the day the less activity you do and the less carbs you need. This strategy is good for maintaining energy throughout the day and keeping a leaner body.

Step 3: CHANGE the way you TRAIN – If you think running or biking miles and miles a week is gonna burn your fat away and give you tons of ENERGY, you’re wrong! Instead, shorten your workouts and make them more specific to your Goals. Think of getting STRONG and keeping in shape with a constantly varied approach to your conditioning (ahmm CrossFit lol) Being Stronger allows you to do way more than when you’re weak and will save you years of petty injury. Keeping a good mix of steady cardiovascular work mixed with high intensity intervals will allow you to keep up with your kids on any level.

Don’t be that Dad or Mom that was a has-been, be that Dad or Mom that runs, not walks with their kids on their first Trip to Iceland, I can tell you right now I will be! And if you’re feeling down, don’t worry!!! It’s never too late to Make the Change.

Stay tuned for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT in early July about how I plan to get in the best shape of my life, and email me at if you want to join me and turn your whole life around for the better.


Coach Dan