Never Back Down Competition Re-Cap

I spent all day Saturday at Polsky Strength and Conditioning Coaching 5 of our awesome CrossFit athletes at the Never Back Down Competition. The Anapolsky’s ran a awesome event!

It was a beautiful day to be competing, Sun out and not a cloud in the sky! I got there 10 mins before WOD 1 of Scaled started at 8am so I could rally the troops, make sure the were calm and ready to go! Everyone was in their Blue CrossFit RPX Athlete T shirts and we looked like a group ready for WAR!

WOD 1 was 3km run on a route through that part of Kitchener and all the Scaled Athletes ran together and against each other both male and female.

Josh had qualified 1st overall for the Men and Marta first over all for the ladies, Heather 6th overall for the ladies and Danny Diesel 8th overall for the guys in the seeding workout we did a couple weeks prior. The 10 seconds went down 3,2,1 GOOOOO and they were off. I screamed Lets gooo so they would feel at home Radix style and then I waited for  the next 12 mins twiddling my thumbs.

12 minutes or so later the first guys came running in a pack of 1,2, 3 and then Josh right behind. I was pumped  cause Josh and I have been working on his running and he was way faster than we thought and not too far behind these skinny running lookin dudes! Josh came 4th in WOD 1 of the day then a couple mins late BAM Marta comes running in taking 1st for the ladies! and about 45 seconds later there are 3 ladies sprinting to the finish with Heather a head of them all!!! Heather came 2nd! Lets goooo!

Let me tell you something about Danny Diesel, no he is not going to run fast but when Dan first started with us he couldn’t run at all, nothing, no running. Now Diesel is in the middle of a CrossFit comp running a 3k with a pace we had set of 8mins per km. and he kept right to it. Coming in at the 24 min mark anmd 6 mins under the cap. He came in last but thaty was a WIN in my books.

Alight guys, get some water, sugar and electrolytes, roll out and we’re gettiung ready for WOD2a and B

WOD2a is 2 rounds for time of 21/15 Cal Assault Bike Cals, 15 Box JUmp Overs 24/20 9 Front Squats 95/65 with a 1 4 min camp cause in the remainder of the 14 minutes you have to hit WOD 2B which is a Max Clean+Hang Clean+Jerk You’re scored on both events. A for Time and B for weight

Marta and Heather stuck to the game plan and that was GO FAST! That first part is a sprint at 90-95% and hold on to the horses in the back.

Marta killed everyone lol easily a minute faster than any of the other ladies. I was a proud Coach screaming at her.
Heather did awesome coming in 4th and putting in a faster time than training when we practiced. The pain faces were awesome.

Then the clean and jerk. Marta easily put up 105,115 and 125 is where the jerk started to get hard. She hit 125 and missed 130 on the jerk but still ended up in 3rd in that workout. We will work on that Jerk.

If you saw Heather clean and jerk a month a go you would think WTAF? lol She didn’t like to receive the weight. So Amanda and I have been doing some 1 on 1’s with her and she was able to hit a pretty looking 115 pounds which was awesome and got 4th in that workout! I was super happy!

Next the boys were up… what Can I say We don’t call Josh Full Send for nothing that boy came out hot and stayed hot until he finished 90 seconds faster than anyone else taking 1st and Diesel man he came out hot and maintained a good pace taking 6th! I was pumped.

The clean and jerks were next. Diesel hit some beauty lifts at 135 and the 165 and then 185! At 205 he just didn’t have the legs left for the hang clean.

Josh’s movement has changed so much over the last 3 months, I was proud telling people he my athlete through the 135,185 and smoking 205, then we got to 215 and a lil starfish action was happening in the catch but he put up some good weight and sometimes in comp we just gotta WIN man! Josh took 1st again and Diesel 6th.

WOD3 was next and it was 30 Snatches 20 Burpee over bar 10 pullups for time and it was fast!

Only the top 4 people got to go to the final WOD 4 and Heather was in 5th and only behind 4th by 1 point. “Where is Heather? I need to have a Coach Dan moment with her” there she is ” look, you’re in 5th, your only behind by 1 point to get in the last WOD, you ready?” “what if I don’t wanna do the last WOD?”- Heather “Are you F’ing kidding me?!!” ” You gotta get ready and your head in the game!!””We need you in thast last heat, its time to go”!!

Marta killed it again and Heather went fast, keeping on the paces we had talked about coming 3rd in the workout and going up into 4th place and into the final WOD!!! I was a lil more than pumped lol

I had a lady come up to me and ask where our gym was from and if I was the owner and tell me that I was awesome for Coaching all our athletes and our gym was killing it. I walked a little taller and heavy chested after that lol.

WOD 4 was 21 Cals Ski Erg, 100ft. Farmers Carry 15 cals Ski erg 100 ft. sled push 9 cals Ski erg 100 ft. sprint.

I was jacked up now both my athletes in the final WOD MArta in 1st and Heather in 4th. Heather had to give it all she had to try and get to third place.

First off as the rest of the comp went Marta destroyed it! Taking First place and making me look like some kind of Coach to the stars but Heather let me tell you, Heather flew! destroying both the other girls, only on the round of 9 cals did she start to shake her head like she was gonna slow down, but guess who was standing right off to the side of her! ME! I started screaming OH NO! You are not slowing down now!! And she picked up finishing well ahead of 3rd and 4th place.

Woooooo! Heather cried a bit and I get it, its emotional and she threw down with chicks half her age!

Marta took 1st overall and Heather ended up in 4th and just a couple points behind 3rd but a winner in my books.

Josh was in the final WOD and in 1st and the workout was everything that he fantasized about the night before. Fast, Heavy and FULL SEND MODE! He destroyed all those dude like they were moving in slow motion! Taking another 1st place and 1st overall! Making me look like Coach of the Year.

What a Day! and wasn’t finished cause Coach Tyler was up in the RX division next… and he’s calling me…
“Hey Coach, I’m gonna be late I think” – Are you kidding me?! Then I smiled cause it wouldn’t be Coach Tyler unless something was little off, so I waited and so will you cause I will be releasing another newsletter this week with PART 2 of th Never Back Down Comp going over Coach Tylers workouts


-Coach Dan