Open Workout 24.1

What a first week of the Open! We had so much fun judging and pushing through a good grind of a workout!

For some of you it was your first ever Open experience and that’s super cool in and of itself. Pushing yourself to the limits of what you’re capable of, signing up and putting it all on the line regardless of what the outcome may be.

It’s also a great time for self assessment. What went well? What didn’t go as planned? Were you capable of more? Did you come out too fast? So many questions! But all good ones for self reflection.

Big Shoutout to my man Rich, who is on an absolute roll with his workouts and progress on the scale. Nothing is going to stop this man.

Here is Rich’s email to me after 24.1
“And finally 24.1, as karma would have it, it’s a burpee workout and I’ve been talking shit about that exercise and now I had to face it.
It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t perfect but the goal was to getter  done.. and I truly gave everything I had. That whole workout drained me, when I lay down the floor I knew I’d given my all and I felt amazing.
 Afterwards it was like  the great reset for the next chapter phase of the journey.
 I have a new found respect for that exercise.
Looking forward to the next phase. Thank you so much Coach and the  community!”
Richard Marques

Personally Im exhausted LOL woke up at 4am Friday to get the gym and judge Tony before class so he could get on a flight to Costa Rica in time! Shoutout to Tony for getting it done. I then went on to judge the workout all day long, doing it myself in between and hurting my back in the process. I sent it like an idiot and paid the price. My body hasn’t been right since the 12 hour ride, it’s time to take a step back and recover.

Some highlight times! My lil bro Jacob with a 7:40, Coach Ty with a 8:55, Nick K with a 9:12, Daniella with a 9:35, Leo with a 10:34,  Breanna with a 11:18, Anna Gambrell 11:37, Alex Gambrell 12:29.

Jacob smashed it, staying consistently quick over the full workout and had enough left at the end to pump out the 9’s. Daniella’s performance was awesome, last year she could barely move a 35 pound dumbbell without looking like it was going to kill her, this year she moved fast! My man Pat came out hot on Friday so we re-did it on Monday and he took 90 seconds off his time. Every week Ill be looking for little stories to tell and I’d love to hear how your experience was.

Shoutout to First Time Open Competitors!

Im so proud of you guys, that atmosphere is just electric around these workouts.

Week 2 is coming… whats it going to be?!

My prediction is Rowing, Wallballs and T2B.

What do you think?