Radix Members on FIRE!

Radix Members had an outstanding of performance this weekend and Im so proud of you all raising the bar of what is possible when you put your mind to something with proper training and goals.

Let’s start with our Bring a Friend Day! Im so happy and so thankful to each and everyone of you who brought a friend! We had a packed house with so many new faces and an awesome workout. You all crushed it! The energy from Coach Ty was amazing as always and everyone really followed his vibe.

Whoever was here got to witness the after effects of my 3 hour Echo Bike ride, couldn’t really walk properly for 20 minutes after that but seeing you all gave me the energy to finish strong. It was a great 3 hours! Got 1907 calories done 102 kilometres at an ave pace of 59 rpm. Pretty cool! If you haven’t donated yet you can at thedreamdealer.org

Later that Saturday Mr Michael Mirski came in to Snatch heavy and boy did he. Mike has been a Radix member since December 2017 and hes been following my “Coach Dans Personal Programming” for a while now. Mike had a 5 year goal of snatching 185 pounds.
He came in missed 175 twice and decided today was the day, he slapped 185 on the bar and let’er rip. 5 YEARS! Most people can’t keep at a goal for 2 months as the news year resolution never mind keep at it for 5 years.
Mike snatched 185 on Saturday like an absolute BOSS, you can check it out on the Radix IG account. (You better be following us)
Im so proud of you Mike! Amazing job bro!

On Sunday two of my favourite 6 amers Annie and Dave Juran ran the Toronto Half marathon. Both of them crushing it! I see Annie once a week so she can rip my muscles apart and somehow make them feel better because of it ahah, but we get to talk about her training and running workouts and let me tell you something about Annie, shes a Mom hero. She balances her job, running her own business, coming to Radix at 6 am and getting her run workouts all while being a super mom to 3 beautiful kids. I can tell you she worked so hard for that half marathon result and worked through a hamstring tweak and didn’t let it slow her down. Your the best Annie!

Dave attacked his second half marathon this year after the first one left him not satisfied with the outcome. Dave is also on “Coach Dans Personal Programming” I programmed out all his run workouts, accessory work and helped him with his hydration strategy and he absolutely crushed it. Dave ran 13 minutes faster than his previous half marathon! Thats so so much faster! He trains hard, does class, does extra programming and hits all his runs, checks in with me and always follows my advice, even when he thinks the pace I gave him is too slow, hahaha he thanked me later. Im super proud Dave. Whats so awesome is he didn’t let his first result stop him from getting back at it and that attitude of never giving up is what we’re all about!

Im so proud of this gym and this community, you guys are amazing and inspiring and Im proud to call you RadixStrong.

Have an awesome day!