Thanksgiving Tales with Coach Dan

Happy THANKSGIVING, its such a wonderful time of year, no more ultra hot days but beautiful sunrises as the leaves change colour and pumpkins decorate peoples doorsteps and pie crusts.

I’m truly thankful for each and everyone of you who calls Radix their home , for this community of strong and passionate people who put their health and the health of those around them as a priority, I feel blessed to be a leader in that aspect of your life. It really means so much to me.

This thanksgiving weekend I had 2 interesting happen to me and 2 interesting stories to tell you.

Sunday Morning I was in line at the grocery store to pay for my groceries (honeycrisp apples are in SEASON!!) when the gentlemen beside me in the other lane was paying he dropped him loonie on the ground, now the fact he’s paying with loonie let’s you know he ain’t a spring chicken. My man there was between 70 and 75 years old.

When he dropped the coin my initial reaction was to pick it up for him but he bent down in a semi squat to pick it up fairly quickly, then dropped to a knee, then didn’t move. He looked up at the cashier and said “please help” the cashier was a 5’2 90 pound older Filipina lady named Gemma ( I know her because I usually go to het till when I go groceries cause shes sweet and I like to talk to her) Poor Gemma didn’t know what to do and looked at me.

The old timer again looked at Gemma and said “I cant get up”, so I went over and got behind him and said “alright young man, Im gonna hug you from behind and pick you back up, I need you to just push through your legs” 1,2,3 I picked him up as he pushed and he was back in action.

He said ” thank you sir, That was my workout for the day as he laughed” I told him about the gym and how we could help restore his ability to get up off the ground by himself. He took my card.

I was sad to see him struggle in such a way and scared for him to be out on his own where if he falls he’s not getting up. Its so sad but also so unnecessary. It’s so important for you all to take care of yourself as you age. I see or older members crushing metcons and I think about how well they will move into their 60s, 70s and 80s.

Don’t EVER STOP, please don’t ever stop pursuing, strength, pursuing mobility, pursuing conditioning, pursuing health. Every 10 years you will thank me more and more. 

Monday Morning after I trained for my Echo Bike ride, I decided I needed a coffee before I coached the 930 class.

I walked over to A&W to grab a Americano (It always hurts Ty when I drink that diesel fuel) to get a little caffeine hit before I put the smackdown on our 20 person Holiday 930 class! Haha I had a 5 dollar bill and a twoonie (whos the old man now) When I walked in there’s was old gentlemen standing at the counter, maybe 5’3 speaking a language I couldn’t understand to the lady at the front. She looked perplexed and again looking at me to help her. I asked her what was wrong.

She said he comes here all the time with no money asking for food but she can’t give him any. The man by how he’s dressed and how he’s acting is clearly homeless and I think a little simple and obviously hungry.
I asked what she does when he comes in usually? She says sometimes they’ll give him orange juice and sometimes just tell him to leave. He pulled out 7 dimes to give to her.

My heart broke, I have no idea how you get to that point in life, how you’re on the streets, can’t speak english, an old man, who’s hungry begging for 70 cents of food.

I asked the lady, how much breakfast can you make for $7.70. She said bacon, eggs and english muffin. I said perfect, make the man some bacon, eggs and an english muffin.
I told the man to have a great day and enjoy his breakfast.

Im thankful to God everyday for the life I have, for the family Ive been given, for the blessings I have in my life and for the opportunity to pick a man up off the floor who can’t do it himself and to feed a man who can’t afford to eat.


Coach Dan