Man stress can be such a horrible thing! But did you know we all need a certain amount of stress to be healthy and grow? Pretty crazy right?

If you always trying to avoid stress then you’ll never get stronger or in better shape. If you always try to avoid stress you’ll never push passed your comfort zone and get to something you never thought possible.

It’s when you have TOO much stress in all areas of your life that your ability to recover becomes impossible and the cup just overflows, then you’re more likely to get sick, to get injured, to burn out etc. etc etc.

So what to do? Minimize the stress in your life that you can control. Not getting enough sleep? Stop watching TV late at night. Your co-worker giving you a hard time, sit them down and explain why it stresses you out. Have a deadline coming up? Write a to do list and make sure you have a positive outlook on how you will accomplish each task. Life ain’t easy so minimize the negative people and stress in your life and use the stress of a hard workout to grow and be stronger.

Coach Dan