Take it Outside!

Guys and Girls!!! There is only a couple weeks left in Summer, use and enjoy your fitness!!! Get your free Vitamin D , take off your shirt and throw a football or baseball around, play some soccer!

The best thing I get to hear every week is from a 70 year old client of mine who uses what we do in the gym to stay active and outside twice as much as people half his age! He goes for miles and miles on his bike enjoying the scenery and gets a couple rounds of golf in as well. You’d think he’s retired? No Sir, he still owns and operates his businesses while getting all I just said in plus sees me twice a week!

You have to look up to a guy like that and try to see what makes him successful and part of the reason is his balance of work and play, the fact that he enjoys the simple things like biking through the escarpment, it keeps you strong, it keeps you young and it keeps you kicking ass!

Don’t miss the opportunities, ENJOY them!

Coach Dan