The Countdown is ON!

Didn’t you hear?? We’ve got a 12 Week Challenge going on!

We just had our first BIG MEETING this Thursday, Sept 6th at 6 pm.
Participants were given their meal plans & training schedule, and a photographer came in to take some BEFORE PICS. We’re excited to see developments and goal achievements by our participants over the next 3 months!

Participants had their first BodyMetrix Report during that time as well. If you are a participant and reading this, don’t worry if you didn’t have your first report! You can schedule one with Rachael and Dan based on your availability.

The BodyMetrix is an ultrasound that measures lean mass, water, and differentiates between healthy fat and excess fat. It takes about 20 minutes, so you usually need to wear or bring shorts (and for the ladies a sports bra) for access to your mid-thigh and upper back.

During this program, measurements are made a total of 3 times throughout the 12 weeks – before, halfway (Oct 15th-20th) and at the end (Dec 1st).

The first TEAM MEETING & WORKOUT is on Sept 15th at 8am. Get excited!

In the meantime, let’s cheer on our participants! Participants, start getting rid of all the processed foods in your kitchen: pretty much anything in a box or that has more than 2 ingredients! If there’s anything unopened that you can donate to a food bank, awesome! Otherwise, eat it, toss it, feed it to your dog/kids! Clean out your fridge of all the old sauces and dressings and make room for lots of fresh fruits & veggies!

See you next week in the gym!!

~Dan & Rach

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