Sit down and take a sec as I take you threw my roller coaster week and it all started last weekend.

As you can see we got the cutest family Christmas pics ever last Saturday, the twins were so good and listened to everyting the photographer was telling them, they took this photoshoot so seriously LOL

10 mins after the photographer left Rach says to me I don’t feel well, 10 mins after that she’s passed out in bed. I take the boys outside to play and as we walk back in Micah looks at me like something is NOT right, he asks to be picked up to be brought inside, as I pick him up projectile puke… rewind 2 days before this and Malachi brought home whatever death disease the Grade 1a class of John Knox Christian School was giving out. 
I’m cleaning up puke for the rest of Saturday after having ridden the Echo Bike for 5 hours that morning my legs weren’t working so well and everything seemed a bit tougher than usual.

Three hours after Micah started puking then Zekey decided it was his turn and Rach started her round, at one point they all lay in the toy room together completely out of it laying on top of Mommy.

My lovely Mom came over to help me and little did she know that she was next on the hit list, by Sunday morning she was puking and completely out of it.

Im the man, I mde it through all day Saturday and all day Sunday, took care of everyone, let them nap Sunday morning, went cleaned the gym, did grocery shopping, took the dog for a walk then got all my Christmas shopping done, didn’t feel sick at all. “Im F’ing Superman” I thought to myself…

Sunday night 11pm, I don’t feel so hot, by midnight Im puking for the rest of the night every 2 hours more comes, its so violent I feel like I pulled my ribs outta my back. For the next 24 hours Im No Superman Im super useless. I slept an hour then would be up for 30 mins and sleep another hour for the rest of the day.

Thank you so much Coach Alli for taking over everything Monday with both Coach Ty and myself useless humans.

It was a 24 hour bug so by Wednesday I was back in the gym working out and with my BFF the Echo Bike riding my little heart. Im thankful because our poor Coach Tyler is really sick and not recovering so it was time for me to Coach all his classes with both CHAD and the CrossFit Total ready to go this week!

First on the agenda this week was CHAD (1000 step ups for time) and I was so proud of you guys who came ready to take on this mind gruelling challenge, it takes a lot of guts to get at that workout and grind it out! My 6 am crew who showed up with their backpacks filled with weight made my day! Mark Molder, Rob Weir that was awesome!

Then at 930 Dave Juran crushed with the fastest RX time at just over 56 minutes. Watching Gaby L do all 1000 reps was also super amazing. Dave B told he told himself he would come in and do 500 and be ok and when he got to 500 he thought I can do 750 and and when he got 750 he thought heck I can do 1000!

Thats what I love about these workouts they push us to places we never knew we were capable of and we grow from them.

Then we finished off last week with The CrossFit Total and you all did NOT dissapoint! Between Friday and Saturday we logged over 60 CrossFit Totals and what a way to end the year! 

The CrossFit Total is the ultimate way to see how strong you are and you guys are STRONG! We had over 6 ladies in the 500 pound club and 4 of you guys in the 900 pound club and Old man Nick still able to make the 1000 pound total.

I had a blast Coaching you all through these lifts and seeing such awesome squat, press and deadlift form!
Coach Ty, Coach Julie and Coach Ali have done such a good job with you all, Im super proud of that.

Watching Harun hit PRs on all 3 lifts when just 8 months ago he had come in and couldn’t squat at all after knee surgery was incredible and those types of stories happened at every class.

Big Thnak you to Femi who brought everything needed to make Plantain Protein shakes after the lift on Saturday, you’re the man bro!

Hearing you all cheer each other on and push either had me feeling like an Old Man sitting back and watching his kids achieve amazing things. 

After all that we had our Christmas potluck and enjoyed some time and fun hanging out, dressed up in none gym clothes and enjoying some amazing food, it means a lot to me when you guys come to those events. It was great afternoon with awesome people.

Im so happy, proud for and of you all, thank you for making Radix your second home, thank you for trusting us with your health and gainssss. Im humbled by how much each of you care.

Coach Dan