2 Challenges Starting Soon!

We have TWO Awesome Challenges Starting on Monday September 18th! One of them is absolutely FREE.

Lets start with our 8 Week Challenge, if you’ve spent your summer lounging, enjoying one too many pool or lake side beverages and more ice cream than you can handle then it might just be time for you to spend 8 weeks getting in the absolute best shape possible. Coach Rach has 2 spots left on her Team for this Challenge and she’s ready to help you get lean and mean by Halloween.

I also have 2 Spots left on my Team for the Performance challenge where Im going to have you in “fight” shape by the end of the 8 weeks, shredded and ready to PR some goals that we establish. 

If you’re ready to make a BIG change we are ready for you, if you think this timing isnt perfect for you let me tell you it will never be perfect, life isnt perfect and thats ok, its what you make out of what you got and we can help you get UNREAL results no matter what your current circumstance is.

There’s ONLY 4 Spots left and we are starting in 2 weeks, If you email us today at hello@radixgym.com we will give you the early bird pricing, today ONLY!

Don’t Miss out, you’ll change your life!


On Monday September 18th we will be Starting a 90 Day CONSISTENCY CHALLENGE that runs from September 18th to December 16th.

What is it? I preach Consistency over EVERYTHING so Im gonna put my money where my mouth is and I have 3 BIG Prizes for the 3 most consistent members during the 90 Days.

You know whats so cool?! You don’t have to be the strongest, most in shape, best dressed person you just have to LOG IN and be the MOST CONSISTENT person to show up to classes!

How does it work? YOU HAVE TO DO 3 THINGS
1.YOU HAVE TO SIGN UP- Email hello@radixgym.com to sign up, the email header should say IM CONSISTENT then the email should have your name and WHY you want to be consistent form now tell the end of the year.

2. You HAVE TO LOGIN to every class you come to and record your results from that class on WODIFY

3. Make a Deal with yourself that one of my main priorities over the next 90 days is to be as consistent as possible here at RADIX.

The TOP 3 People who login to the most classes over the 90 days will win one of the prize packs from our sponsors!

I can’t wait to see you MORE OFTEN!

Coach Dan