Thank you for an Awesome Week

Week 1 of our new training cycle has just come to a close and I think it was a great week and the perfect start to some awesome gains coming up. Taking the time to perfect your lifting technique and strength in full range of motion will pay off in dividends in the future.

Let me give you the best piece of lifting knowledge and coaching you will ever get. NOBODY CARES how much you lift if A. its partial range of motion or B. Looks like dog crap

Whats impressive to me is watching Igor Snatch 95 pounds after not being able to do the bar 6 weeks ago and him sitting confidently in the bottom position of a beautiful looking overhead squat.

Whats NOT Impressive is a 500 pound squat that doesn’t even hit parallel.

I had an absolute blast coaching the 6 and 930 classes this week, Im sorry I missed the evening classes but Im old now and need some rest LOL.

I was so impressed with how well you guys take instruction and use ques to correct form as we go.

Remember your accountability partner and make sure you keep them, coming to class every week, recording their weights after each exercise and counting those tempos and pauses for you.

Make sure to thank them after as well so those mississipi’s while they count dont get longer and longer 🙂

It was great to have so many new members in class this week as well! A Big Welcome to Patrick, Marianne, Bryant, Alex, Wendy and Lilly. Your journey has just begun but what you will achieve is going to be amazing over the next couple of months.

We have our In-House Comp and 8th Year Anniversary coming up this September so look out for news on that and get signed up for a fun comp! We will have Male/Female and Scaled/RX divisions so something for everybody no matter your skill level or age!

Coach Dan