our 8th Year Anniversary In House Competition and BBQ.

Thank you every single person who came to compete, judge, hang out and bring food. I was so happy to see Karen and Filipe with little baby on the way!

8 years goes by so fast but it took a lot to get where we are today and shows the resilience and character Radix has with the mission of changing peoples lives inside and out through health, fitness and community. Everyday I get to come in here at 5am is a blessing. Thank you to each and everyone of you who calls Radix their fitness home.

The IN House had 3 awesome workouts and you BEASTS came to workout hard and I was so happy to see so many of you who were competing for the first time. What you built in mental fortitude during that comp will propel you to new gains mentally and physically in the future.

Congrats to Sheetal, Kavita, Filipe, Tony, James, Magda, Abilash,Pramod, Animesh and Hugh for competing in your FIRST CrossFit Comp!

OK SO how did the divisions stack up?!

 Scaled Male Division
1. Will D.
2. Pramod 
3. Hugh A.

 RX Male Division
1. Jacob P
2. Coach Ty
3. David H.

Scaled Female Division
1. Coach Julie
2. Sheetal K.
3. Magda

RX Female Division
1. Daniella A.
2. Breanna Y.

Breanna Y!

I was pumped when we all started chanting Breanna RX and she joined in with Daniella to do all the workouts RX and she smashed them!

You will never know what you’re capable of unless you put yourself in UNCOMFORTABLE situations, growth physically, mentally or spiritually WILL NOT happen. I believe this so much.

Everyday you should wake up and ask yourself what can I do today to get UNCOMFORTABLE and watch how you grow as a human.

Im so proud of all you who competed and put your body out there and your fitness on display for everyone to see regardless of what the outcome was going to be!

I cant wait for next years comp!

Coach Dan