Lessons from our 2 Year Anniversary

This past weekend we celebrated our 2nd Anniversary! What an amazing 2 years it’s been and what an awesome potluck BBQ!

The 3 biggest things I’ve learned over the last 2 years of running and coaching here at Radix are…

1. Having a spouse who lives and breathes your passion is one of the most exhilirating, scary, amazing things you could do in this life. Rachael is my best friend and the love of my life, so to spend almost every minute with her living my dream is more than I could ask for in this life.

2. The people you surround yourself with have a major influence on the person you are. I have so many people in this gym that inspire me. From Mothers and Fathers who find time to take care of their physical well being and lead by example to their children to successful Entrepreneur clients and members who have given me such an amazing education in running, marketing and becoming a successful business. You friendships are invaluable to me.

3. Enjoy every little moment. I started this gym and Rach and I got engaged on the Grand Opening, 1 year later we had been to Iceland, Mexico and Italy and we were married, 1 year after that she’s 7 month pregnant with our little boy on the way. So many amazing moments here at Radix in the time span and so many monumental moments in our life, I’d like to say we’ve made of everything along the way and want to continue to do that going forward.

I would just like to thank all our family, staff, members, clients and their families for making Radix such an amazing community. You guys have made this place what it is. Thank you!!!