6 Things I wish I knew Before I started Eating Healthy

I’ve been lucky enough to have had a sports nutritionist since I was a teenager. I was a little bit before the grain when it came to working with professionals like that for performance, which is a cool experience to have had. Over the years Ive worked with some of the best in the field which has given me a great insight. Eventually I took my own certifications and been using myself as a test dummy for everything from intermittent fasting, to low carb to super high carb ever since. I’ve been as low as 4% bodyfat, I’ve had blood work done to see how different aspects of nutrition have changed my blood markers and the list goes on.

This is an experiment going on over 20 years now and in honour of those 20 years I’ve come up with 6 Things I wish I knew before I started this whole journey.

I hope this list provides you with knowledge, insight and some motivation for you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle! All I ask is you share with a friend.

1. It’s NOT about the IMMEDIATE Satisfaction, Its about the LONG TERM Gains
We wanna see 6 pack abs over the first 4 weeks, and muscle coming in even faster, we cut too fast and train too hard. The we burn out and binge and the process gets destroyed. Use your motivation to get you going, build habits and discipline and keep your long term goals in your forefront and the long term gains will come.

2. CARBS are your Friend
Ive cut carbs so many times and it never ever turned out good for me. I lose energy, I recover slower, I’m hangrier and I don’t perform as well. Easting good complex CARBs are good for you and me and will help you.

Once in a while you need to go out, you need to have a pizza, Its your anniversary have a nice night out. Its ok ONCE in a while, special occasions it’s OK to indulge. Its NOT OK to live like that everyday.

I read a lot of body building magazines in my teens and there was so much about Doctors telling us Salt was killing us that I thought salt was bad. When your eating healthy you NEED to SALT everything. Your body needs to salt to function properly, to workout hard and recover. LMNT Salt packs are the greatest and help me everyday. Keep the Cramps away!

Like anyone else who wants to be lean and mean I would obsess over the scale and this also came from the fact that for so many years I was in a weight class base sport where the scale actually does matter but for not weight based athletes what matters is your Body Composition, not the scale. If you weight 185 pounds you can be a FAT 185 or a lean and mean 185 with more muscle. The number doesnt matter, what matters is how much body fat you are carrying.

6. Don’t DO this ALONE
Every time I ran into major issues with my health and eating was when I did it alone. I always worked better having someone else monitor me from a non biased view. Your view of what’s happening in the moment will always be a biased and emotional view. You need someone looking out for you who can call you out on your shit, hold you accountable and give you good solid advice. Whether your issue is in re-gaining weight or not knowing when to have a night out with your loved one, you need someone looking out for you to get the maximum results!

Have an awesome Holiday Monday!COACH DANIEL