Next Training Cycle

I missed you all last week as I was off to BC to be part of one of my best friends weddings. CrossFit is such a cool community. I met my wife at a CrossFit gym, I get engaged in a CrossFit gym and some of my best friends Ive met because we CrossFit.

I’m happy to be home and I hope you enjoy the FUN week of weird De-Load workouts Ive programmed for ya’ll. Grips and Hips was a fun little forearm burner this morning!

Next Week we will be heading into a NEW Training Cycle. This Training Cycle will have 3 Focuses.

1. Clean(Squat Clean) – We will be focusing our strength work on getting better at squat cleans, you’ll see front squats, clean complexes and clean pulls throughout the week and we will be testing your squat clean at the end of this cycle. SO FUN!

2. Handstand Pushups- Our Gymnastics Focus will be on getting stronger and technically better upside down in the handstand pushup. We’ve spent a couple cycles getting comfortable and stable upside down. No we will add the pushup piece of the puzzle and don’t worry we have ways to scale appropriately to your skill level.

3. ‘Diane’ – Our Conditioning focus will be based on a classic CrossFit workout named Diane. Diane is…
Deadlifts 225/135

All I ever remember about doing Diane is how badly my wife Rach beat me when we went head to head while we were dating. She can go sub 2 minutes! Can you?

This will be a great way to put the HSPU you’ll be working on to the test. We will be doing Diane on Friday next week and re-testing in 6 weeks after lots of variations every Friday.
Im super excited for you all!