Another Week in the Books!

We had another awesome week at Radix with a big old snow storm thrown in the middle. Yesterday was such a great morning at Radix as Coach Tyler and I rode the assault bikes to raise money for the Ukraine to help Olena’s brother who is on the front lines. Thank you to everyone who donated, you guys are just amazing, we raised $1700 and Ty and I both biked 1500 calories each. This wasn’t my first time doing something like that so I felt not too bad but Ty definitely suffered for the cause LOL. Watching him bike and scream at people as they came in was music to my ears, I think I just smiled most of the time LOL. I smile because I’m so proud of who we are and we’ve become at Radix and that makes me happy even if Im assault biking at 61 rpm for a couple hours.

My 8 Week Challenge Team is killing it and we had a competition with who could walk the most amount of steps in one day and everybody on the team was getting over 15 000 for the day BUT 2 of the guys took it to another level to win a box of LMNT Salts. Will and Tony got at it both of them first clocking a 35 000 step day and then taking it to another level with Will going over 47 000 steps and Tony taking the victory with a 49 000 step day, Just incredible! Im so proud of everyone on the challenge, just an awesome group!

Our very own Daniella Agro came 2nd in a worldwide Burpee competition, winning $150 USD for doing 90 burpees in 5 minutes which is absurdly fast and amazing and inspiring as I don’t know many 16 year olds who are so dedicated to becoming great at something. Amazing job Daniella. Make sure to scroll
down and read the article she wrote below!

Gangsta P hit a PR Front Squat at 175 pounds this week, GangstaP is one of my favourite people and whenever he texts me with a new PR I get super excited for him.

Sheetal came up to me after class on Tuesday and told me how awesome she’s been doing with her nutrition this year and how inspired she gets from reading the Radix Newsletter every week. That really means a lot to me. My mission here is to change as many lives as I can in a positive way through fitness and nutrition. Building healthy and long lives through movement and proper eating prescription.

Coach Daniel