APRIL Member of the Month

Carolina has been such an awesome addition top our Radix community. Her husband Mark started coming here and he quickly became an ‘everydayer’ here at Radix. One day Mark asked me if his wife could try it out and she quickly became an example of what happens when you just keep showing up. Not having an athletic background can make coming into this atmosphere super scary and intimidating but Carolina kept showing up and getting better and better and this past March she competed in her very first CrossFit Open! Now she’s even more determined to do better in October. Carolina has done so amazing and she’s such a sweet person we’re proud to have her as Member of the Month. Here’s what Carolina has to say about Radix.


“Where do I begin? It has been such a journey. I love going to Radix. I look forward to it. That sums up my experience in nutshell. From the get go I felt cared for. The coaches are THE BEST. They legit care and have helped me improve in ways I never thought possible. 
The members are also quality people. They are all in it to be better and they encourage you to do better, there’s no BS. 
I began attending the first week of May 2018. My baseline for fitness was basically nothing. In the past I had dabbled at conventional gyms here and there, yoga, spinning and hired 2 personal trainers. I always felt lost at gyms….what do I do? why? Trainers were there for the money and just didn’t care enough to explain things adequately, etc. Radix is the complete opposite..Coaches care and noticed when I’ve been missing (kids = illness). From the start I was able to keep my commitment and really hold myself accountable to a minimum of 3/week and although it’s been hard work…it’s actually fun. I’ve seen improvements, and although I’m not as fast or as strong as I’d like to be….I have improved so much. Just the other night I ran 1k without stopping and Tyler celebrated with me!! The fact that I’m picking up on all the technical bits and it’s starting to make sense….there are things I never thought about that I’ve learned. The other thing I should mention: the coaches have never let me sacrifice technique and going things properly just to do something faster or heavier. 
As I think about the next year I’ve started to put in a bit more work because I want to be faster and stronger. I want to focus on nutrition and really think about fuelling my body so that it can perform at Crossfit but also during the day. I’ve recently realized I’ve probably been starving my body while demanding it does more!! All this….has come from the culture and community at Radix”. Carolina Molder