Dave’s Amazing Transformation

Well we are officially in 2024 and this morning the gym was packed! I love to see it! What I also love to see is people getting results while having a good time and I want those results to last a life time.

One of our new members Richard had his first class at 930am and I asked him what he thought after the class and he said “that is NOT what I was expecting” haha I said “I hope thats a good thing” he said “That was way more fun and energizing then I could of imagined” Thats what Im talking about! Our classes have you covered for an amazing workout and a good time too.

To get the best results possible your nutrition has to be dialled in and consistent just like your training, otherwise you’re not getting the best version of yourself or the best results you can get.

Richard already knows this as he’s signed up with me to get everything dialled in. 

We have our next 8 week challenge starting next week and a couple spots left open and if you’ve been on the fence then I think now is your time to take that step, commit to something that will get you the absoliute best results possible while changing how you view nutrition and training.

We want you to leave with the results you’ve always wanted while building the habits, knowledge and discipline that makes it last a life time.

Dave Bennett just completed his 8 Week Challenge before the Christmas break with outstanding results! He not only gained 2.5 pounds of lean muscle, he lost 19 pounds of pure fat! Thats 8 weeks well spent! Now he’s part of our Nutrition Club and pushing towards his next goals. Here’s what Dave wrote about the Challenge

“It was one week after my 50th birthday when I started the Radix 8 Week Challenge. I didn’t fully know what I was getting into when I signed up for it, but I knew I needed to do something to improve my health, overall fitness and my diet. Physically I was in a rut, doing random unstructured workouts at home and not following a plan. I heard about the 8 Week Challenge and wanted some guidance and direction to push me forward. I got way more than that”.

“My early concern was not knowing what to do in the workouts and going easy to prevent getting an injury. The Coaches at Radix were patient, friendly and helpful in teaching me what to do. Even the other members supported me and guided me through the classes. I always felt welcome in what could have easily been an intimidating environment. The Radix members in the classes are friendly, supportive and make the whole experience even better! As time went on, my confidence in my ability increased, and I pushed myself more through the challenging classes”.

“The group training sessions at Radix are awesome. It is unlike anything I have ever done before. I learned new weight lifting skills, different core exercises, and crazy short 10-15 minute Metcon workouts to finish off the session that leave you gasping for air. The training sessions are great because it is pre-programmed- they have a plan and push you forward without you having to think about it. I love the drive home from the gym, drinking my post-workout smoothie, knowing I was able to stick it out and get through another Radix session! It got to a point where I couldn’t wait to go to sleep, knowing that when I woke up at 5am I would get to go to Radix”!

“One of the biggest surprises to me in the 8 Week Challenge was the learning I had to do around eating. Dan provided me with a meal plan that was carefully portioned out with respect to macronutrients. Every two weeks he gave me a new meal plan. I learned that Sundays was a meal prep day and I had to dedicate time towards getting my meals ready for the week. This was a big task at first, but got easier as time went on. It is also likely the biggest factor in my success- eating mindfully and with purpose”.

“The 8 Week Challenge was really a mental challenge for me. It made me think. It made me focus. It made me plan and prepare. It forced me to make decisions. The workouts and the meal plans were just things I had to decide on. The decision was the real challenge”.

“Knowing Dan was there to support me, and check in each week to see how I was doing, was motivating. The encouragement was real, and there was always an extra push to keep going. The results I achieved in the 8 Week Challenge were beyond what I thought I could achieve. I lost weight, gained muscle, got stronger, sleep better, move easier, stopped snoring, work harder, feel better and am more grateful”.

“If you are looking for a sign- this is it! The Radix 8 Week Challenge is a great launching pad for anyone looking to jumpstart their health and fitness journey.”.
 If you’re ready for that change, we are ready to help you! You can still get signed up today and make that life changing decision with us, email me today at hello@radixgym.com I promise this is something you will never ever regret!

Coach Dan