What a great start to our new Cycle! I can feel how much stronger you are going to be by the end of it!

We have a 8 week Challenge going on right now and some of the people you see in the classes are working hard on themselves both in and out of the gym.

We just had our 4 week half way body scan done and the results have been amazing so far! I can see how hard this group is training and how bought into the lifestyle they are and the results speak for themselves. The most amazing thing about our challenges is its not about the weight on scale but the body re-composition thats happening. This group has gained muscle and lost fat while improving strength and performance and because of that they have more energy, feel better, sleep better and look better too!!

Thats what its all about! Your clothes fit better and you feel better too. It’s NOT about deprivation, its about nourishing the body to do the amazing things it can and wants to do for you.

Big SHOUTOUTS to Takeshi how gained 2.5 pounds of lean muscle while dropping 11 pounds of fat and Brock who gained 1.5 pounds of lean muscle and dropped 13 pounds of fat. Thats what Im talking about!

You’re not meant to be deprived of carbs or fat or protein your meant to thrive on the right ratios of them all to fuel the awesome workouts we do here. So many challengers tell me it feels like so much food and then these amazing results happen, pretty amazing!

Im excited for the next 4 weeks and the results to come.

Have an awesome week!