Some of you may have noticed my absence last week, maybe not LOL Some of you sent nice messages saying you missed me, one of you (Mr. Molder, thank you!) opened up at 530am so all the early early birds could mobilize and accessorize before class. My closer friends like Nick K. and Jacob always reach out and offer a helping hand or just to talk to make sure Im good. My mom and Coach Greg covered Open Gym and Coach Ty always makes sure Im good. Mirski and Tony both sent a nice text. I think they like me or maybe they just wanna make sure Radix stays open for them long term HAHA 😉

As many of you know owning your own business you wear many different hats. There’s ups and downs, periods of high stress and high rewards. The amount of hours put in over the last decade you can’t even count, vacation time doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should and overtime hours are a weekly occurrence but you just couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Then you add the physical stress of training (usually training too much or too hard) because its your outlet, life stress of family where you spend the rest of your waking hours making sure you are present for your 3 kids, wife and dog in a world that seems to be headed in the wrong direction most of the time, You have this constant thought of being an example for everyone around you who you feel you have an obligation to help and there are moments in time where you just want to shut it all down and say F this sh#%! Why do I do this?

It was the perfect time for me to take a couple days off from the gym and reset everything. Body and mind needed to shut down and once I allowed that to happen I slept for 3 days. I would sleep 10 hours at night and 2-3 naps throughout the day. It was wonderful.

When you’re used to going non stop, pushing your limits in every aspect of life there comes a point where you have to rest, you have to take a step back to continue to take steps forward, you have to be gentle with yourself and the hardest part is usually taking that first step away from your normal routine.

The hardest parts for me are 1. Admitting Im human 2. Being ok not training 3. Knowing it wont actually set me back but actually push me forward

Coaching yourself as a Coach can be tough, admitting that you’re not special and have the same problems as everyone else is tough but necessary. Rach keeps me in line but has to deal with cranky Dan, trust me I don’t like him either.

Today is Monday after a lot of rest and I feel awesome, my workout this morning was awesome, I was happy and motivated to be here, Im still human so I threatened everyone in the 6 and 930am classes to fight them if they didn’t keep my organized dumbbells in the right place after the workout but Im growing, Im thankful for you and this gym and Im excited how much further we can go as a community here at Radix. I just signed another 3 year lease so you’re stuck with me for at least another 3 years 🙂

Coach Out!