How to get the Most out of your Training?!

We’re starting a brand new training cycle this week with an emphasis on Cleans, Handstand Pushups AND The classic CrossFit Workout Diane!

Today I want to give you some tips for you to get the absolute most out of this training cycle. Follow them all and reap the benefits of your hard earned work.

1. KEEP TRACK- Every week you should be keeping a log of everything you do. everything from the weight, reps and sets to how they felt, this will allow you to see the progression week to week and know where you need to improve or go up. If you’re not keeping track you’re shooting blindly in the dark, you ain’t hitting anything.

2. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY- Everyday is NOT a PR day, some days are meant for rest, somedays are meant to go lighter and easier and some days are meant to CRUSH, GO HEAVY AND HARD. Listening to your body and getting good at knowing when to push and when to pull back will serve you so well in the long run. Don’t think emotionally, think logically and leave your damn EGO at the door or ill smack the crap out of it.

3. CONSISTENCY- You’re better off showing up 4 days a week consistently on the same days then everyday and twice a day for 1 week and then missing the next week. Consistency over the long term will ALWAYS WIN ALWAYS!

4. You NEVER Know TELL you TRY- You know how many people think they can’t do something because they never try? You may not be able to do a handstand pushup now BUT if you keep trying and progressing you WILL do one. Everyday you should be trying to get better, do something harder and pushing yourself.

5. Get UNCOMFORTABLE- Going along with the last point, you should strive to get uncomfortable everyday, every single day, growth will NEVER happen without getting uncomfortable. Uncomfortable can mean doing stretches you don’t do, trying new variations of exercises OR it can mean NOT doing a workout that you know will make an injury worse, get and be uncomfortable and growth will happen.

Coach Dan