How to have a WORLD CLASS Athlete Mentality

I’ve been thinking recently about what makes the biggest difference between athletes at the top level. Is it physical capabilities like strength or capacity, is it talent, is it superior skill of the sport and the more I thought about it the more I believe its mindset and and heart and by heart I mean grit, determination, attitude. The best of the best have certain qualities and I think those qualities will hep anyone prevail at the highest level you want to take something.

Here are the three traits I believe you need to posses to take anything you want to accomplish in this life whether it be a physical pursuit like CrossFit or personal pursuit like starting your own business. Embrace these things and transform your life.

-Attitude- The way you view yourself and what you’re capable of will directly effect how you approach anything. Having a positive view of what you can accomplish is a good start, a negative self view will get you absolutely nowhere. Appreciating how far you’ve come is another step always overlooked, its easy to get stuck in the future of what you want to accomplish, take a second take a deep breath and appreciate all the hard work you already put in. You can inspire and motivate yourself just by seeing how far you’ve come.

-Willingness to Fail- So many people are frozen to take action by one of two things, the first being fear (fear of failure or embarrassment) and the second ego. Failing will never be easy, losing always hurts and guess what it happens to all of us but the willingness to take a chance and bet on yourself no matter how bad the odds are is your path success. You have to willing to take the chance of failure or losing to ultimately win. You will never build the character you need to succeed in life if you never fail. It builds resilience, grit, determination, it builds the hunger to win. The amount of times someone has told me they’ll compete when they can do all the movements RX is astonishing, why are you too good to do something scaled? Your Ego can be your worst enemy. Get out there and give it your all, you will never walk away without becoming a better, stronger human being.

-Patience- I think this will be the toughest one for this next generation, we’ve created a world where gratification is instant, Instagram is an instant highlight reel fuelled with dopamine hit after dopamine hit. Uber Eats has shitty food ready to be delivered to you in record time and if its not? You can leave them a horrible review cause your lazy ass didn’t want to make a healthy meal or at least get off the couch and go to the store yourself. So when you see someone deadlift 600 pounds you think you deserve that lift too. Patience is a virtue and a lost art in the world we live in. You have to pay your dues and you have to be ok with the time it takes to become GREAT at something. Why do you think you deserve to do it faster than anyone else? Your Ego is a bitch and you should slap that right our of your system.

I hope you enjoyed this read but I also hope you can apply these things to your life, get UNCOMFORTABLE and be ok with the long grind because you will become the dieing breed of human that we need in this world.