Living Life One Hand at a Time

I hope you all are doing well as I’ve been away for 2 weeks recovering from shoulder surgery. I’ve missed seeing everyone in the gym but the break was good for me and the recovery process but I’m back today!

Living life with one arm is a very interesting and weird experience but with my labrum having to reset on the bone and bicep tendon being taken off and re-stitched to a different part of my arm it takes 6 weeks of being in a sling to make sure it all heals properly.

That being said, I’ve enjoyed the challenge of figuring out how to do things one handed. Here’s my list of the top things I miss having 2 hands for.

– Blowing my nose, have you ever blown your nose with one hand? Maaaan snot, buggers go everywhere including your own face. Rach got a kick out of it…

– Pulling your pants up, this is awkward AF doing some type of weird shimmy dance and you 1 arm gets the 1 side up nice and the other barely over your butt.

– Peeing standing up- Did it once, not again tell I can raise my other arm, horrible experience, had to change clothes.

– Shampooing your hair on the one side- Man I feel like I have one spot on my head that is never properly washed, I just cant’t get to it properly

– Washing my Under Arm- It gets kinda gross when your in a sling all day under there, so here’s the process. You take Soap in right hand and do a RDL and let left arm hang, then you use right arm to wash then you have to move the shower head in more of a horizontal spray to be able to wash the soap out, Don’t worry I got it down and smell pretty good right now.

Eating a Fully Loaded Burger- I had my Sunday Cheat Meal and the Burger at Pipers Heath Golf Course is legit but eating that sucker one handed took some effort, there was sauce everywhere!!!

The things I refuse to do are cooking 🙂 Rach cooks everything so I can still have one arm attached to me. Putting on T shirts are a horrible experience by myself. Socks too, no bueno, the left one is maddening. 

Rach is a saint for everything she does and getting a glimpse of what our future together loos like 😉 My Rock.

I’ve fully embraced the fanny pack lifestyle, thank goodness some 13 year olds made it cool again but man this thing has been a life saver when I’m on the move by myself.

Today I start training! Which will consist of some Bodyweight Squats and lunges, 1 arm deadlifts. 1 arm rows, and presses and Bike erging. I’m excited to share my journey with you and how I will workout and eat clean throughout this whole process to not only look and feel good but to recover faster.

See you in the gym!

-Coach Dan