Mike Cerbus Seminar

As we get closer to the end of April, I need to start to get you signing up for the events we have coming up. It really helps me organize the events and make sure they run as smooth and easy as possible.
I first met Mike Cerbus right before we opened here at Radix, Rach and I went to Power Monkey Camp in Tennessee the October before we opened the gym , got engaged and then married. Power Monkey Camp holds a deep place in our hearts as it was our first trip together as a couple and it was the trip were both Rach and I decided we were going to affiliate and be part of the CrossFit community, before that we were undecided because of some of the things we had seen and not liked about it. 
During Power Monkey Camp that year I met Mike Cerbus at the Snatch station where Mike and Jessica Lucero(4x US National Champ) and absolute beauty of a human being broke down our snatch. That station blew my mind, the knowledge, attention to detail, small adjustments they made had my snatch feeling like a million bucks. I connected with Mike as our faith and passion for life was right in line. At the end of the week Mike was my judge in the CrossFit comp we did and I PR’d my snatch at 255 and hit a Overhead squat with it as well as it was part of the complex. I took those techniques and skill and transferred that to a 270 pound snatch a year and a half later.
In 2017 I did the first 12 week challenge and my Goals were to PR my snatch and PR my Fran time in the same workout. I got a hold of Mike and he became my coach for snatch over the next 12 weeks he programmed and ripped apart my form in all the videos I sent him. On top of that he talked me out of my own head multiple times finding mulitple ways to say “suck it up buttercup” this is what you wanted and it’s not going to be easy. At the end of the Challenge I snatched 280 pounds and PR’d my Fran time at 2:42.! I could have NEVER down that without the support, friendship and coaching of Mike. ​
Mike is one of the kindest, most genuine human beings you’ll ever meet and on top of that his coaching is world class working with top games athletes every year. ON top of all that he was quite the Olympic Weightlifter himself. Mike was the 2011 American Open Champion, 2012 Pan Am & Olympic Qualification Teams,5x National Medalist. At 77 kilo (169 pounds) bodyweight he snatched 140 kilos (308 pounds) Clean and Jerked 170 kilos (374 pounds) and back squatted 530 pounds with no belt or gear on.
There are ONLY 20 spots available for this seminar and some spots are already gone and you will be missing out on June 1st is you don’t sign up! Once the 20 spots are gone that’s it.
Please get signed up today and I guarantee you get every bit of your monies worth.
Here’s the sign up link https://shop.powermonkeyfitness.com/products/olympic-weightlifting-clinic-radix-performance-ontario

OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING CLINIC | Radix Performance (Ontario) Coach Mike Cerbus – Power Monkey FitnessJoin this clinic led by Team Power Monkey coach MIKE CERBUS on Saturday, June 1st from 9:00AM-6:00PM. Learn how to build your technique and maximize your efficiency with Olympic Weightlifting. Signature Monkey Method® drills and techniques will be introduced and put into practice. All levels (beginner to advanced) areshop.powermonkeyfitness.com

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