Alli Etherington

I was reading an article a few weeks ago entitled “How to Trick Yourself to Exercising in the Morning”. Trick yourself?, I thought. I have some doubts as to whether any of the die-hard regulars of the 6 am class think of their decision to be there come rain, snow, or darkness is a trick. 

So what makes these early morning gym-goers tick?  

Many of them have ridiculously busy lives – so busy, in fact, that any other time in the day may be coopted with kids, work drama, traffic, and assorted unanticipated demands. Carving out that time at 6 am is the only way they can guarantee that they’ll make it in that day. This is a great example of “first things first” – making time for our priorities. The early morning workout definitely doesn’t work for everyone, but these folks have found a way to make it their routine.  

They go to bed early. Part of being able to rise and perform at 6 am is making a commitment to get to bed well before other adults. Prioritizing recovery is key to performance, health, and injury avoidance. Sleep is essential for optimizing performance and getting results.  

Getting their workout in early sets them up for success throughout the day. No matter what comes later, they’ve already checked that box. Have you heard the expression “win the morning, win the day”? They’re living it. 

If you’ve never attended the 6 am class, you’ll miss the magic of Tyler’s grand entrance, complete with his trademark energy – I can tell you he brings the same enthusiasm to 6 am that he does to 5:30 pm. You’ll also miss the faithful devotees who come an extra 30 minutes early to claim their spot, the 8 week challenge participants who come in to get their accessory work done before class begins, the surprising number of teenage boys who manage to be there for 6:15 to train with Coffin, and the boxers who work with Dan well before sunrise. It’s inspiring to see so many people getting after it when they could stay in bed. 

In a perfect world with a little more freedom, would these 6 am-ers still choose this time slot? Jury’s out on that one. Some of us just know that we don’t perform as well in the morning as we do in the afternoon or evening. Some bodies prefer to exercise fasted, while others need time to rev up with more fuel already in the tank. Some of us just don’t have the freedom to leave our homes until much later to put in that time. 

To everyone who makes it regularly, whether it be at the crack of dawn or while others are having dinner and watching TV, we see you! Shout outs to all Radix members making their health and wellness a habit – be it a 6 am or 6 pm. No tricks. Just good choices made regularly. 

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” (Will Durant)

Coach Alli