Week 1 DONE, Another week in the books? How did you do? How do you feel? Did you give it your all? Did you slack? Its always good to have those mental check ins.

It’s been fun watching you try new movements like Sumo Deadlifts and trying new skills like Muscle up transitions. Like anything new my advice is to start off light and basic and don’t judge the movement or exercise based off pre conceived notions of what you’ve heard or your view of what you personally think you can or can’t do, rather lean into the challenge, start off light or at the basic progression and each week challenge yourself to go a bit further.

I guarantee you this the person who says ” I’m going to give this a try” will out do the person who says “there’s no way I can do this” everyday of the week.

Im excited for all you on the road to quarterfinals, you guys are training hard and some the workouts Ive programmed have been tough!

If you haven’t watched Daniella’s From Near Death to CrossFit Teen Athlete You MUST check it out

Big Shoutout to Pramod who just finished his 8 week challenge and did it while travelling to India and back. Pramod went from 21.8% Body fat down to 16.8% and gained 4 pounds of lean muscle. Super Impressive! Here’s what Pramod had to say about the Challenge.

“Hi Dan, thank you so much. I just want to say that the challenge is designed so well – it doesn’t feel like one has to completely turn everything around in their life for this.

It helps set a certain mindset which I think is also its most important success factor. I had all the travel and disruption in the second half of the challenge, but the mindset that I need to eat what my body needs and not “what I want/feel like” and keep moving everyday and your motto of “be consistent” kept me on track.

Look forward to continuing through momentum!” Pramod

So awesome!


The SUMMER SHRED Challenge! Sat April 13th – 8 Weeks (Check out the write up below)

Radix Taco Night – Sat April 13th 5pm – Tacos, Salsa Dancing and all kinds of FUN!

MURPH – Are you ready to give your first Hero Workout a try? Are you ready to PR last year or go RX with a vest? Sat May 25th 7-11am

I’ve had a lot people reach out to me about doing personal extra programming to get ready for Murph! If you’re looking for something similar and want to do your absolute best reach out to me and I can get you setup on extra programming. radixperformance@live.com

Coach Dan