Weekly Update at Radix

Another week in the books and take a second and do a self check, did you live this week with real intention or did you just get by?

Did you smash goals or take baby steps in the wrong direction?

If you’re heading the wrong way its time to hit the brakes and re-asses why its happening?

I love these self questioning sessions!

I also love seeing so many you using Coach Dan’s Squat Warm up from our latest YOUTUBE video.

Some hard news,

On Saturday night JM went into his 8th Pro fight and suffered his first loss in the Pro ranks, it was a rough fight and after getting hit in the back of the head with an illegal shot and then suffering a couple big shots following his night was over. JM is like a little bro and watching him go through that is not a fun experience, it’s not the first time I’ve watched a friend get TKO’d and Ive been there myself but man it’s never easy.

Let me tell you this, JM is healthy and his head is good and his spirits are high,  I talked to him yesterday and this morning. JM had 70 amateur fights and has lost on the biggest level before and brought himself back, he’s not done BUT if you follow him on IG or have his number now is NOT the time for you to be messaging him questions, he owes nobody anything and quite frankly if you’ve never been in a ring to fight or at the very least been punch in the face you have no idea what he’s going through. Fighting is a brutal sport physically, mentally and emotionally. If you do message him a nice “Thinking about you bro, hope you’re alright” would be nice. I swear if I find out someone is questioning him on what happened I will personally let you know what a concussion is all about.

JM is a pro, and he’s a good man and he will be back, stronger than ever.

Some good news,

I have an Online client you’ve never met but his story is pretty amazing. He was referred to me by Nick. Andrew has a crazy busy business in the middle of the busiest part of his year by far. Most people decide its not the appropriate time to get healthy and I argue its the absolute best time because if you can do it in the hardest times you can definitely do it in easier times.

So Andrew and I sat down and went over what he could do during this time and the things he could control. We narrowed it down to eating 3 healthy meals a day, getting one 20 minute workout in every other day and going for a walk in the middle of the day. I designed the nutrition plan to be simple and effective and the workouts to be the best bang for your 20 mins possible. But Andrew had to execute, he did everything himself at home.

So what can happen over 9 weeks when your stressed out of your mind, working 12 hour + days? Well when you focus on the things you can control and you have a plan from Dan the man, amazing things.

Andrew started off at 242 pounds and went down to 216 pounds! Not only that his body recomposition was even more staggering because he went from 37% body fat down to 28%! 9% of his body fat GONE! that equals 30 pounds of fat gone as he gained 2 pounds of lean muscle in the process! This is absolutely AMAZING, life changing and saving and considering how stressful his life is right now the ABSOLUTE BEST thing he could’ve done for himself. 

You may NOT know Andrew or ever meet him but I hope he can inspire you today! Three 20 minute strength circuits, extra steps and a refined nutrition plan changed someones life for the better. Imagine what you could do if you just focused on the things you can control?

Maybe now is your time and our Summer Shred Challenge is right for you, don’t hesitate its your time for change!


The SUMMER SHRED Challenge! Sat April 13th – 8 Weeks (Check out the write up below)

Radix Taco Night – Sat April 13th 5pm – Tacos, Salsa Dancing and all kinds of FUN!

MURPH – Are you ready to give your first Hero Workout a try? Are you ready to PR last year or go RX with a vest? Sat May 25th 7-11am

I’ve had a lot people reach out to me about doing personal extra programming to get ready for Murph! If you’re looking for something similar and want to do your absolute best reach out to me and I can get you setup on extra programming. radixperformance@live.com

Coach Dan